What we do

It’s very simple: turn on curiosity. To achieve it Energètica has designed two lines:

Bring the latest innovations to the classroom. Here the basic concepts are shown in a practical, dynamic and pro-active way. Real world models show the physics underlying each process.  Industrial projects reinforce the link between the outside world and the classroom. The latest industry developments provides a vision of future and innovation. And everything is moulded to be thrilling and easy to understand!

Learn by doing. Kids want to try by themselves. Experimenting is their natural way of learning - and one of the most effective! Energètica bases its method on this natural wit: students builds with their own hands, using just common material, a model that effectively works. It’s not only hand work: it’s engineering at the reach of children!


The workshop has two parts:

Look at that!

It’s a knowledge session where you’ll learn the basics principles like energy, electricity and wind. You’ll discover the latest industrial developments, being land based, sea water or airborne wind turbines. Media supports and real models keep curiosity lightened!

Build your wind turbine!

Here you are the star: teaming with your class mates, you will build all the wind turbine components from scratch, using just your hands and commonly available materials.  You and your team will do the full assembly and the result is a wind turbine that with a little wind will lighten a bulb!


Wind energy laboratory.


Students from 2nd to 6th grade, high school and general public.


Learn the basics principles of wind energy, encourage creativity, innovation and teamwork.

Relationship with curriculum

Contributes to core subjects like Mathematics and Science, and to statutory subjects like Art and Design Technology. It also contributes to general skills like active and cooperative learning.


The duration of the workshop can be adapted to the centre needs: normally 30-40’ for the knowledge session and 1:00hr-1:30hr for the hands-on activity.

Location and required resources

At the centre facilities: classroom with screen and projector.

For other locations please contact us directly


Presentation with supportive material, hands-on workshop, evaluation questionnaire.

What pupils will learn

What is electricity and how it is produced, what is wind energy and how it is used, how to build with hands and work in a team.

EOLAB is a workshop to learn about wind energy, discover the most innovative projects, and produce electricity from wind.


Typical building material

An example of an innovative project: a floating wind turbine off the coast of Portugal.

Francisco Mora and neuroeducation. Most of the methodology implemented by Energètica comes from his book. A very instructive reading, recommended.

Hywind. Video of an advanced industrial project.

Haliade 150. Interesting video of the installation of a 150m diameter wind turbine.



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How does it work
The method
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Energètica originates from an idea by Michele Rossetti, engineer with more than twelve years experience in renewable energy. During this time Michele has worked in wind turbine research and development, leading and training an engineering team and publishing and presenting various works internationally. Socially committed, he decides to pool his experience, enthusiasm and training vocation to found this project: move to educate into a more sustainable culture.

Energètica runs workshops addressed to students, both for public and private schools, and to family audience during fairs or other events . Our mission is crystal clear: contribute to generate a greener future and stimulate people to think, create and innovate.

Who we are


Avda 301, 71

08860 Castelldefels

e for education, e for energy, e for ecology.   
And above all, e for emotion, the energy that moves the world.  And precisely this enthusiasm motivates this project: 
excite, thrill and move as a mean to educate in an innovative and environmentally friendly culture.

A wind turbine model built by the students.

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Who we work with

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We strongly believe in pupils opinions. This is why at the end of each workshop we hand out an evaluation questionnaire. And here the results of more than 1000 students:

EOLAB on TV! The pupils who participated in Catakrac, from BTV, explain their experience:

We work mainly for schools, both public and private, either directly or via the public entities who support this project: